Stary Hotel Wellness & Spa

A modern, superbly equipped Wellness & Spa centre is located in the medieval cellars (level -1) of the Stary Hotel. To our guests’ disposal, we offer a gym, two swimming pools, a sauna and a salt-iodine chamber. Our guests can also enjoy a healthy massage.
Stary Hotel Wellnes & Spa
ul. Szczepańska 5, Kraków
tel: 0048 12 384 08 08 

Verde Spa

Verde Spa offers variety of classical, relaxing, medical and anti-stress massages andthe finnish sauna. This type of sauna provides: deep body overheating, cleansing organism from the toxins, immunity improvement, high tissues congestion & faster regeneration.
Verde Spa
ul. Bracka 6/4, Kraków
tel: 0048 784 874 707 


Hammam also known as Turkish bath, combines the functionality and advantages of Romanesque and Byzantine bath with Ottoman tradition of taking care of the body. In contrast to northern Europe sauna, which acts as a hot and dry air where the temperature remains between ( 70-90 °C ), in Hammam mild temperatures between ( 37-42 °C ) are dominating, which makes the stay much more pleasant and not unnecessarily weakens the body.
ul. Smoleńsk 21, Kraków
tel: 0048 511-747-282

Leśne Spa

Leśne Spa offers an exclusive range of beauty and wellness packages, as well as exquisite slimming, rejuvenating and relaxing treatments..but not only. It’s a perfect place for romantic couples with a wide range of massages and rituals.
Leśne Spa – Hotel City SM Business & SPA
ul. Gajowa 16 , Kraków
tel: 0048 12 266 60 26

Maha Punye Avurveda

Take care of your natural beauty. Experience the effects of ancient rituals. Feel the feeling power of touch. It is an ancient Indian system of natural healing. The literal translation of the Ayurveda is: knowledge of life. The main idea of this system was developed thousands of years ago, but in spite of such a significant passage of time, its power continues to help countless lives in our present day.
Maha Punye Ayurveda
ul. Ruczaj 43/U2B, Kraków
tel: 0048 539 338 836

Oasis Beaty & Spa Salon

Our prestigious Oasis Beauty & Spa Salon, with its rich offer of treatments, is located in the heart of Kraków, in the famous Kazimierz, in a convenient location for both residents and tourists visiting the city. Since it was established in January 2016, we have gained a large group of customers, both from Kraków and visitors.
Oasis Beauty & Spa offers a wide range of cosmetic services and SPA treatments which ensure a beautiful appearance, good mood and well-being.
Oasis Beaty & Spa
ul. Dietla 47, Kraków
tel: 0048 518 739 012

Face and Body Institute

We offer a wide range of aesthetic and medical treatments – our team of qualified practitioners will be happy to fulfil your expectations!
Stem cells as an alternative to injection treatments in the battle for beautiful, rejuvenated skin. Swiss excellence, guaranteed effects.
Laser hair removal, cosmetic mesotherapy, botox and soft lifting.
Face and Body Institute
ul. Starowiślna 4/1, Kraków
tel: 0048 12 430 18 81

The Messy Head Hospital

Give yourself into the hands of the best hair stylists, cosmetologists and trichologists in Town. We are waiting for you in the heart of the Old Town.
P.S. We have a bar in our salon 🙂
The Messy Head Hospital
ul. Mikołajska 13, Kraków
tel: 0048 793 666 123

Thai Smile

Therapeutic massage which is over 2500 years old, connecting acupressure techniques with Ayurveda and passive yoga, sometimes called yoga for lazy people. Removes muscle tension and joints and strengthen them simultaneously. This massage get rid of head, back, neck, legs pain and improve lymphatic and circulatory system.
Thai Smile
ul. Krakowska 3/1, Kraków
tel: 0048 531 905 965

Magia Day Spa

Magia Day Spa is the most beautiful and unique Spa centet, situated near the Main Market Square in Krakow. Due to comfortable localization and luxuriuos renovated basements – everyone can easly find some peace, relax and harmony in our object. Our Day Spa offers a great deal of treatments:aromatic rituals, oriental massages, body wrapping, body and face treatments, palm and feet care, manicure and pedicure Spa.
Magia Day Spa
ul. Szlak 22, Kraków
tel: 0048 12 633 23 83

Saunarium – Termy Krakowskie

Termy Krakowskie is the biggest saunarium in Krakow. You can admire the Wawel Castle from here and relax in saunas.
Termy Krakowskie
ul. Konopnickiej 28 (TK Forum), Kraków
tel: 0048 538 295 500

Tomasza Spa

Our comfortable salon is located on charming St. Tomas Street, located in the heart of Cracow, near the Main Market Square. In our offer you will find a wide range of services, from face and body treatments, skin care, manicure, pedicure, massage, to aesthetic medicine.
We guarantee you proficient services performed by our qualified staff, using professional products from famous companies like: GERNETIC, NATINUEL, NEODERMA, MATIS. Excellent customer experience is our priority. You are about to relax and recharge with positive energy!
Tomasza Spa
ul. Św. Tomasza 24/9, Kraków
tel: 0048  503 694 772