Wieliczka Salt Mine

The “Wieliczka” Salt Mine is one of the most valuable material and spiritual monuments in Poland entered on the UNESCO World List of Cultural and Natural Heritage. The mine is visited every year by over 1,000,000 tourists from all over the world.
Wieliczka Salt Mine
Danilowicz Shaft
ul. Danilowicza 10, Wieliczka
Regis Shaft
Plac Kościuszki 9, Wieliczka
tel: 0048 12 211 24 41

Bochnia Salt Mine

Discover the oldest Bochnia mine workings, which have never before been made available to tourists, where rock salt was mined from the Middle Ages to the early twentieth century.  In each season, from mid-April to end of October, the Garden offers sightseeing, workshops participation, and demonstrations of the spectacular scientific experiments.
Bochnia Salt Mine
ul. Campi 15, Bochnia
tel: 0048 14 615 24 60

Graduation Tower Wieliczka

A stroll in the area of the graduation tower is one of the most pleasant forms of inhalation therapies.
The natural brine mist that forms in the area of the graduation tower is similar to the that at the seacoast. Thanks to its therapeutic properties it facilitates the treatment of selected chronic respiratory system ailments and disorders of a recurrent nature.

Graduation Tower Wieliczka
Park Krolowej Kingi 1
tel: 0048 12 278 73 02

Aqua Park Krakow

Our swimming pool area offers many attractions, among them our slides, including four exterior slides KONGO for riding on inflatables, the extremely fast NITRO, the TWISTER and the SPEED FIRE)! In addition Rapid River, rock climbing walls, the Rainbow Path and many others that guarantee great fun! Active recreation is also provided with dedicated space for aquatic sports: basketball, volleyball, water polo and swimming lanes.
Aqua Park
ul. Dobrego Pasterza 126, Kraków
tel: 0048 12 616 31 90 or 91

Zoo Park Krakow

The Krakow Zoo was established in 1929. It is home to over 1500 animals from about 260 species. It is located in Wolski Forest near Pilsudski Mound. It is a good idea to come here and rest especially in the sunny day.
Zoo Krakow
ul. Kasy Oszczędności Miasta Krakowa 14, Krakow
tel: 0048 12 425 35 51

Exit Room

ExitRoom™ is a fun and pulse raiser real-life escape game for 2-5 people. The challenge is to escape the room in less than 60 minutes. Solve the mystery and eliminate misleading information to find your way out. To find the exit you must locate numerous clues and solve mind-boggling riddles.
Exit Room
ul. Floriańska 18/5, Krakow
tel: 0048 570 505 088

Pinball Museum

All machines on free play. Huge area of interactive pinball exhibition. Lounge area with bar. Discounts for groups.
Pinball Museum 
ul. Stradomska 15, Krakow
tel: 0048 608 041 000

Jump Park Krakow

300 frayda is the only trampoline park in Poland, which combines gym sports with extreme sports! We have a professional gym equipment and a great coaching staff especially for you. We have Springfloor – special gym mat, which springs back! Here you can practice sports such as parkour, tricking, capoeira. Trampoline park was designed by the Polish Champion in Sport Acrobatics- Jacek Czerniak.
300 frayda
ul. Przewóz 34, Krakow
tel: 0048 881 388 112

Polonia Wax Museum

The main motivation of Polonia Wax Museum is the desire to share, down to the smallest detail, both the history and the face to face reality of famous historical figures; spiritual / secular / scientific personalities, politicians, celebrities and athletes. It is one thing to read something about a person in a book or on the internet, but to stand beside them… to feel their presence… to observe every line and wrinkle, this is an experience like no other.
Polonia Wax Museum
Rynek Główny 34, Krakow
tel: 0048 502 799 445

The Botanic Garden Krakow

The Botanic Garden is one of the departments of the Institute of Botany, at the Jagiellonian University. The staff consists of research workers, technicians, gardeners and servicemen. The research work is closely connected to the scientific programme of the Institute and comprises taxonomy, plant geography, ecology, history of botany, and studies on protected and endangered plants, especially from the territory of the Carpathians.
The Botanic Garden Krakow
ul. Kopernika 27, Krakow
tel: 0048 12 421 26 20

Golf  and Country Club Krakow

Krakow Valley Golf & Country Club is a golf complex covering an area of 160 hectares, has been created in last years in Paczółtowice, a small village between Kraków and Katowice. It was designed by Ronald Fream, an American from California who started his career in 1966 in the team of legendary Robert Trent Jones
Krakow Valley Golf & Country Club
Paczoltowice 328, Krzeszowice
tel: 0048 12 258 60 00

Fear Factory Krakow

Hey Daredevil, they say that you are afraid of nothing. Is that really true?
It is not a coincidence  that you are here, is it?
Do you want to prove that you won’t fail? That you will never let your group down? That no matter what, you will never turn your back on them? And most of all, that you will manage to help them to get out of this cursed place?
Fear Factory Krakow
ul. Westerplatte 5/9
tel: 0048 571 431 981

Garden of Experience

Stanislaw Lem Garden of Experiences is the Division of the Museum of Municipal Engineering in Krakow.
On an area of ​​over 6 acres of the park the following are located: Devices that demonstrate the phenomena of physics, Geological exhibition “Geo-garden”, Sensory exposure “Aromatic plants”, Green labyrinth with Stanislaw Lem quotations – “Lem-birynt”.
In each season, from mid-April to end of October, the Garden offers sightseeing, workshops participation, and demonstrations of the spectacular scientific experiments.
Garden of Experience
al. Pokoju 68
tel: 0048 12 428 66 52

Stara Zajezdnia Mini Brewery

Stara Zajezdnia is a place that combines history with modernity. The building features a beer hall with a mini brewery, a restaurant and the yard. This allows for organisation of both large events and closed-circle events or friends meetings.
Stara Zajezdnia
ul. Św. Wawrzyńca 12
tel: 0048 664 323 988

Food Track Square Kazimierz

Food trucks are the latest Polish food fad, and Skwer Judah in Kazimierz – so named after the massive street mural that adorns it – provides the parking for this culinary trend. Here you’ll find several meals on wheels to choose from, and in warm weather beach chairs, benches and palettes are placed all over this concrete pitch, making it one of the coolest places in town to catch some quick grub.
Food Track Square Kazimierz
ul. Św. Wawrzyńca 16
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Canoe Center Kolna

The Cracow Canoe Club is situated near the Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec, by the Vistula River in Cracow. That’s the complex with a leisure center KOLNA: sports hall, an indoor swimming pool, fitness facilities, gym, kayak school, rafting, spa & wellness, accommodation, conference center KOLNA and the Venue of Mountain Canoe heated in winter, which make the possibility to train for the whole year. In June 2013 we organized the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS SENIORS IN SLALOM.
Canoe Center Kolna
ul. Kolna 2, Krakow
tel: 0048 12 252 40 55

Glass Forming Shows

The only place of its kind in Kraków! Encounter the fascinating world of glass. Take part in an exclusive demonstration of hand blown glassmaking. Learn about traditional glassmaking techniques, observe the process of glass creation and try Your strenght as a glassmaker.
Glass and Ceramic Center
ul. Lipowa 3, Krakow
tel: 0048 12 423 67 90

Amber Museum

Baltic Amber (succinite) – a fascinating stone, which is very strongly associated with Poland – is a fossilised conifer resin. The fascinating thing about it is that although it was created over 40 million years ago, it is still “alive”, namely the hardening processes are still happening to it. Let’s not be surprised when our amber becomes darker over time, and gets deeper and more expressive.
Amber Museum
ul.Świętego Jana 2, Krakow
tel: 0048 601 824 646